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Zeolite Molecular Sieves

Zeolite Molecular Sieves

Zeolite Molecular Sieves, provided by us, are the preferred choice of the buyers spread all over the country. The Zeolite Molecular Sieves that we deal in are superb in absorbing gases from the environment for safely keeping products of cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and in original conditions, In order to cater to the diverse demands of the buyers, the Sieves are provided by us in ample of packaging options.


Item Code : 3A


Features :

  • Catalyst carrier
  • Absorber of gases
  • Optimum quality

Product Details :

  • Shape: (pore dia. = 4ao)
  • Size: 3mm -Pellets
  • Diameter Balls: 2-4mm

Mechanical Properties :

  • Bed crushing strength,% : 90min
  • Loss on attrition,% : 0. 3max

Physical Properties :

  • Tapped bulk density,kg/m3 : 650-700 / 750-800


Static equilibrium water adsorption capacity, percentage wise :

  • At 15rh : 17-20%
  • At 75rh : 22-24%
  • Free moisture % : 2%max.